Hello All! We have moved the Freed Up Thoughts blog from the oppression of WordPress to the freedom of Blogger.


Why did we move?

There are several reasons why we moved however they all fall into the following reasons.

  1. Advertizing: WordPress forces advertisements on free blogs
    – On blogger I can have a very costomizable degree of advertising to help pay for my work. Google pays me to blog not the other way around.
  2. No advertising for Google products in Blogger: WordPress constantly attempts to get you to pay money for simple basic additional features that shouldn’t cost you a thing. Blogger provides many of these things free of charge.
  3. On that same note the interface for blogger has gotten considerably better, and allows you a move diverse blogging environment.
  4. Better themes have been available on blogger for free with custom css, and fonts (an additional $30 charge! on wordpress.

So please check out the new blog with a nifty new theme.

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We Have Moved

The Freed Up Thoughts blog has moved to a new location, check us out at freedupthoughts.blogspot.com


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